About The Worldwide Week
of Partnership

The Worldwide Week of Partnership is a celebration of partnership. It is a yearly event that takes place during the third week in October. During that week Organization Workshop Trainers and consultants across the globe conduct workshops – The Organization Workshop on Creating Partnership and The When Cultures Meet Workshop – aimed at supporting the efforts of educational, charitable and service organizations in their local communities. Our goal is to increase mutual understanding, respect, and cooperation within these organizations and with the people they serve.

Since 1975, Power+Systems Inc.’s transformational work has focused primarily on forging partnerships in business, government, and healthcare systems across the globe. During W3P the focus is on bringing this powerful work to the local non-profit sector.



Workshops and Programs

Throughout the week trainers will be conducting high-impact events developed by Barry Oshry for groups in their local communities. Most trainers will be conducting the Organization Workshop on Creating Partnership, others will be conducting the When Cultures Meet Workshop, and others will be making presentations and leading conversations focusing on partnership.

The Organization Workshop on Creating Partnership

Organizations, despite having worthy missions and committed and talented people, regularly fall into painful, dysfunctional patterns – strained relationships, misunderstandings, lost opportunities, and diminished effectiveness. For organizations across the globe the Organization Workshop regularly:

The When Cultures Meet Workshop

The meeting of diverse cultures – whether in the organization, community, or society – too often results in destructive conflicts, the suppression of one culture by another, WE versus THEM attitudes, wasted energies, and lost possibilities.

Presentations and Book Discussion Groups

Trainer-led presentations and conversations focusing on subjects related to creating partnership. Critical issues are explored using, books, articles, and presentations based on the work of Barry Oshry. Sample subjects: Why despite best intentions do the same dysfunctional organizational patterns keep happening?




From British Columbia, Canada

Phil Cady will be working with the John Howard Society, a federation of groups whose goals is to understand and respond to problems of crime.

From Sydney, Australia 

Paul Mitchell will be conducting an Organization Workshop in behalf of The Starlight Children’s Foundation (Brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families.) Starlight will be inviting the corporate partners that support them. It’s a way of saying thanks and deepening the partnership.

From Bucks County, Pa., USA

Susan Berg will be conducting three Organization Workshops focused on carrying forward results of a Future Search conference conducted in June 2013.  It is being offered as a way to develop partnership skills across government, major non-profits, and frontline service providers to youth as they learn to work together on serving youth and families in the county.


Request an Event

Contact us if you’d like to work with us in making a partnership event happen for an educational, charitable, or service organization in your community.



Participating Trainers

We are a worldwide consortium of consultants and trainers who have been certified in the Organization Workshop on Creating Partnership. We are committed to supporting the efforts of educational, charitable, and service organizations in our local communities.

Barry Oshry

Boston MA U.S.A.

Barry Oshry is a distinguished educator and a pioneer in the field of human systems thinking. He has focused his writing, teaching and research on the human systems dynamics arising when people are in top, middle, bottom, and customer relationships with one another.

Maureen Clarry

Greenwood Village, CO, USA

My background is in technology and business; I've worked for some large corporations including General Electric and EDS. In 1992, I founded a successful data management consulting firm. We quickly incorporated an organizational development component because we observed that projects are more likely to fail because of power, political and process issues than because of the technology.

Mellisa Clark

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I live in Kuala Lumpur and deliver leadership development programs in the Asia-Pacific region both as a private consultant and as an Associate Faculty for the Centre for Creative Leadership. I am a firm believer in the ability of the OW (Organization Workshop) to provide valuable insights and perspectives and enjoy watching it work its magic.

Phil Cady

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I am President of CLS West, and an Associate Faculty Member at Royal Roads University, British Columbia, Canada. Clients and colleagues know me to be a passionate, dynamic and experienced facilitator of large group learning activities, conferences and systemic interventions. I am honoured and excited to contribute to the World Wide Week of Partnership!

Doug O'Loughlin


I am passionate about giving permission to people and organisations to be extraordinary. I have been in the field of OD for 25 years and am currently a Principal Consultant in the Singapore Civil Service College, part of a wonderful team of people that are supporting all of the government ministries and agencies in their leadership and organisation development.

Nancy Aronson

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

In partnership with some wonderful colleagues I’ve brought the Organization Workshop to education, healthcare, environmental engineering, and non-profits. Another area of deep interest for me is designing and facilitating large group, task-focused meetings that activate whole system thinking.



"[The Organization Workshop] brought together staff from various levels of our organization. As I watched my staff open up to each other through conversation and dialogue on issues of hierarchy that rarely get discussed, I began to see a sense of teamwork and shared understanding develop among the group. The experience was personally engaging and undoubtedly left us with a greater sense of community, while giving us tools with which to address and work with issues surrounding hierarchy in our organization. I expect this training to have a lasting effect on our work!"

Andy Falender,
Executive Director,
The Appalachian Mountain Club

“The 'When Cultures Meet' simulation is one of the most powerful learning experiences Microsoft provided its leaders. It was very useful in helping people get clear on the responsibility they each own when Microsoft acquired a new company, or during the many reorganizations they experienced. In the 20 years I have been doing leadership development work, there has been no more effective learning tool to achieve these results.”

Kevin Purcell,
Organization Development

“I am reminded time and time again how powerful The Organization Workshop is when we bring the workshop to our leaders. It has been thriving here for over 7 years! It helps leaders gain insight and provides them with alternatives to the way things are now. It’s a path to greater effectiveness for leaders and to greater partnership across the organization.”

Lily Bowen,